5 Popular Body Cleanse & Detox Products That Actually Work

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Are you planning a body cleanse or a detox?

The internet has made cleansing spread like wildfire, with thousands of options of products, powders, pills and home remedies to choose from. From colon cleansing products and liver flushes you can do at home, to procedures like enemas and colon hydrotherapy. But, are these body cleanses necessary, and, if so, which ones are the best?

It’s important to know that while there are many benefits to natural cleansing, not all body cleanse programs are effective. Some, can even cause side effects. So, in this guide, our editorial team reviewed the top 5 natural body cleanse & detox products we often use in our natural cleansing protocols,
that we have found to be the most safe and effective.

Is cleansing your body necessary?


The idea of cleansing is not new. In fact, it can be traced back to ancient Egyptian physicians, who believed that waste can accumulate in the body and lead to disease.

Fast forward to today. Modern life has introduced more toxins and chemicals into our environment. More than ever before. The air we breathe, our water supply, the foods we eat, they are all affected.

Additionally, our lifestyle which includes ultra processed foods, beverages, medications, and other factors often introduce more toxins, and can even impair our body’s ability to effectively detox.

So, while the body can eliminate toxins on its own, in most cases, it can use some help. In fact, more and more researchers find evidence that link toxicity to chronic disease.[1]

5 popular body cleanses explained

Below are the top body cleanse products and programs, sorted by their popularity.

1. Colon cleanse

Oxygen colon cleanse

“All disease begins in the gut.”

– Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine.

Hands down, a good colon cleanse can power your system better than two dozens cups of coffee. It is amazing how much energy one can have after they flush out waste buildup from their bowels. 

In fact, all body cleansing programs should start with a colon cleanse. Since the body eliminates many toxins with the stool, you want to make sure your bowels work properly, so that the toxins will leave the body as quick as possible and will not reabsorb back into the circulation.

Colon cleanse benefits

Oxy-powder (also called oxygen colon cleanse), releases natural oxygen in the colon to loosen accumulated waste buildup, so that the body can easily eliminate it with the stool.

Most people feel a significant “relief” as they eliminate the stored waste. “Feeling lighter”, more energy, higher clarity, a clearer complexion, better bowel movements and digestion, with many digestive issues such as constipation, bloating, body odor and gas greatly improved.

This is done in a completely natural and gentle way, and it has shown to be both effective and safe.

There are only two things you need to prepare yourself, mentally and logistically:

  • Oxy-powder is taken before bedtime. Expect the next day to have 3-5 bowel movements. These are not typical. First time users usually report eliminating a large amount of stored waste. It is better to stay home that day. At least, until you become familiar with how your body responds to Oxy-powder.
  • What comes out of your body when you detox becomes visible in the toilet. Results may include candida, yeast, dead parasites and mucus. As disturbing as these can be, it is best to have them out of your body.

Coupled with good probiotics (we use Floratrex, also from Dr. Group) and a healthy diet, doing an oxygen colon cleanse twice a year is a great way to support your health and well-being.

2. Body Detox Drinks

Liver and Kidney Cleanse Drink Recipe

Detox and cleanse your body by supporting organs of elimination.
No changes in your diet are needed.

Body cleanse and detox drinks use natural ingredients, typically medicinal herbs and mushrooms, that can help support your organs of elimination. In particular, the liver, kidneys, and the immune system.

Body detox drinks pros

Easy to use. Unlike juice cleanses which require you to replace meals with juices, you don’t need to change your diet. All you need to do is to have the detox drinks when you wake up, between your meals, and in some cases before bedtime, always on an empty stomach.

With that said, you really want to clean up your diet a bit. Cleansing your body while still putting junk in isn’t really going to work. Just like it doesn’t make sense to smoke cigarettes and at the same time, taking antioxidants.

Body detox drinks cons

We have tested hundreds of detox drinks and powders. What became clear, was that a lot of the problems we found in detox products were due to:

  • Low quality herbs. As a result, the products didn’t work.
    On that note, there’s a big difference between an organically grown herb that was extracted by an herbalist a month before you use it, that also made sure the active ingredients are at the optimal peak,  to a cheap powdered herb from an unknown source.
  • Products include aggressive ingredients that cause side effects. For example, stimulant herbs that forces your body to make a bowel movement.

Safe & effective body detox drinks

In our body cleanse protocols, we mainly use Dr. Group alcohol free tinctures. Dr. group is well known for its high quality exclusively organic and wildcrafted herbal extracts, formulated by herbalists botanical experts.

Also, the tinctures are much easier to use and taste better compared to powders. Just add them to your drinks, or even water.

  • Livatrex® (liver cleanse) and Renaltrex® (kidney cleanse) combine traditional herbs that are shown in studies to help support the liver and kidneys. According to some of the data and trantional use, these herbs can help detoxify, repair and regenerate the liver, soften liver and gallbladder stones, and flush toxins from the kidneys and the entire urinary tract.

You can mix a dropperful of each with water 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks and enjoy the detox power of these herbs. Effortlessly.

For added immune system support, add 1 dropperful of Immune support tincture. (When it’s available). Since COVID-19, it became really hard to get the ingredients in this formula. Especially the combination of certified organic elderberry, echinacea and medicinal mushrooms.

If you like apple cider vinegar and lemon water, you can mix all three tinctures with the detox drink recipe below:

Liver and Kidney Cleanse Drink

Based on ayurveda medicine principles as well as modern science. Healthy, easy to make, effective, and safe, it is one of the best home remedies you can make to naturally cleanse, strengthen and flush toxins from your liver and kidneys, while supporting your immune system.
Course Cleanse drink
Cuisine American, Chinese, Indian
Keyword Liver and Kidney Cleanse Drink
Prep Time 2 minutes
Servings 1


  • 1 liter distilled or spring water
  • 1 tbsp organic raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar
  • 1 small organic lemon
  • 1 ml Renaltrex kidney cleansing herbs drops
  • 1 ml Livatrex liver cleansing herbs drops
  • 1 ml Immune support tincture immune system drops (optional)


Drink 2-3 times a day, always on an empty stomach

  • Squeeze the juice of 1 organic lemon.
  • Add to 1 liter of distilled or spring water.
  • Shake the bottle of the apple cider vinegar until the cloudy part ("the mother") is well mixed.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of organic raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.
  • Add 1 dropperful (1 ml) of Renaltrex (kidney cleansing herbs)
  • Add 1 dropperful (1 ml) of Livatrex (liver cleansing herbs)
  • Optional: add organic stevia or monk fruit to sweeten

3. The detox power of blue-green algae; from NASA to you

E3Live Chlorophyll Detox cleanse superfood

Blue-green algae became famous after it was successfully used by NASA as a dietary supplement for astronauts on space missions.[2]

Besides being a powerhouse of nutrients, algae is also a potent natural detoxifier. Chlorophyll, the green pigment found in algae and other plants, is well known for its blood detoxification properties, including a natural ability to neutralize and bind to mold toxins (mycotoxins).[3

This is quite remarkable, considering that mold toxins are very tricky. They are so tiny, that after the liver dumps them into the gut, they can reabsorb back into the circulation. Chlorophyll was shown to bind to these toxins, so they can’t reabsorbed and are eliminated.

E3Live® is a blue-green algae that has the highest natural chlorophyll content, and the only option in north america that comes fresh. (It is frozen-liquid, not a powder). Due to its superior nutritional profile with unique nutrients we rarely get from the western diet, E3Live® can help support multiple body systems.

So if you are lucky enough to live in a place where you can get E3Live®, all you need is 1-2 tbsp in the morning on an empty stomach.

If its is not available in your area, however, a great alternative is a green algae called chlorella, which is also well known for its high chlorophyll content and detoxification abilities. Just make sure it comes from a reputable source.

4. Body Cleanse Diet

body cleanse diet

We all know it, but, sometimes prefer to ignore it. You can take all the body cleanse products in the world, as long as you keep eating junk, you will never achieve optimal health.

Now, body cleanse diets come in many shapes and forms. Some, can be very hard to follow. It all depends on what you try to optimize. For example, the candida cleanse or parasite cleanse diets. You really have to go low on carbs which serve as the main food sources of these harmful organisms.

So, while the plan and foods you may need can vary, there are still a few guidelines that can help your body to naturally cleanse. And the good news, your body cleanse diet doesn’t have to be very restrictive.

Body Cleanse Diet, General Guidelines

Avoid problematic foods

Without a doubt, one of the best investments anyone can do to improve their health and wellness, is to avoid foods that introduce more toxins to the body.

To emphasize this point, you don’t need to take any special detox powders or pills here. Simply put, you limit foods that increase toxic load or can impair your body’s ability to effectively detox. Your body does the rest. Pretty cool, right?

For best results, try to avoid these foods for 4 weeks, and see how you feel.

  • Processed foods and beverages. In particular, refined sugars, flours, and packaged foods.
  • Commercial meats, and farm raised fish. The poor animals are often kept in horrible conditions and are fed with a processed diet they are not meant to eat. Fish or beef for example, are not supposed to eat corn or soy! Not to mention antibiotics and hormones.
  • Inflammatory foods. Especially: dairy, gluten, grains, and soy. Most people have sensitivity to one or more of these foods, which can irritate the gut and cause inflammation.

Body cleanse diet, foods to eat

Detox Diet foods list

Eat more fiber from whole foods

Fiber is a very powerful natural detoxifier with triple benefits:

  1. It can bind to certain toxins in the gut
  2. Supports healthy bowel movements to help the body eliminate these toxins
  3. Serves as a food source for the healthy bacteria in your gut (probiotics).

So, while there’s a lot of fiber products out there, no products can compare to whole fresh foods. The best sources of fiber, include: raw greens, non-starchy veggies, and, fresh raw sprouted nuts and seeds.
While whole grains are high in fiber, they can cause issues to a lot of people, so it is best to avoid them during the detox diet.

The daily fiber intake can vary from one person to another, although 30 grams for men and 25 grams for women is a great place to start. And it doesn’t have to be hard. For example:

  • Morning: 1 cup of blackberries or raspberries (8 grams of fiber)
  • Between meals or with your greens: one medium avocado (13 grams fiber)
  • Night: 1 oz of chia seeds soaked in water or nut milk (10 grams fiber)

Eat detox foods

  • Fruits. Such as: lemon, apples, berries, pomegranate, pineapple.
  • Veggies. Leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, carrots, beetroot, asparagus, galric.
  • Eat from the rainbow. Try to eat a high variety of colorful fresh whole fruits, vegetables and dark leafy greens. Each color in plants represents a different plant pigment that offers different nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Sprouts. Especially: broccoli sprouts.
  • Herbs. For example: cilantro, and parsley.
  • Healthy fats. Look for fresh unroasted nuts and seeds such as almonds, and walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Other sources of healthy fats include avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil.
  • Spices. In particular: raw garlic, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon.
  • Condiments: Raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar

For a few great examples, see:

Specific detox diets and foods:

Eat healthy foods, but…listen to your body

The fact that a certain food is healthy, doesn’t mean you should automatically eat it. It also has to agree with your body. In fact, food sensitivities are very common these days, and many people find they react to healthy foods.  For example, cruciferous vegetables despite being very healthy, can cause bloating and excess gas.

So, always be mindful and listen to your body! Ask yourself how do you feel after you eat certain foods.

If you experience digestive issues and are not sure which foods cause these:

  • Cleanse your colon
  • Eliminate the foods mentioned above
  • Simplify your meals, or eat mono meals with one type of food each time.

Digestive enzymes can be very helpful to address digestive issues, especially if you are not sure which foods cause these.

Just like you think of a multivitamin supplements, a digestive enzymes complex can help your body digest different types of foods. In our gut health protocols, we use VeganZyme.
With a total of 20 plant based digestive and systemic enzymes, it can support the digestion of a wide variety of foods, which makes it ideal for many different diets, and cuisines.
The addition of the systemic enzymes supports the body’s ability to break down allergens, excess yeast, candida, mucus and other toxins.

5. Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanse

With juice cleansing, you replace meals with healthy juices. This gives your digestive system a break from having to process solid food, and at the same time nourishes your body with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals it can easily digest and utilize.

Juice cleanses pros

When you make juices, you basically break down veggies and fruits into fiber and juice. You drink the juice & pulp without the fiber. This way, your body can digest and absorb the nutrients from the juice easier and quicker.

When this happens, the juices usually taste better to most people, compared to eating the whole veggies or fruits by themselves.

Lastly, and perhaps the biggest takeaway here. For many people who struggle with eating healthy, one day of a juice cleanse can provide them with more nutrients they would normally consume in a month. At the same time, give their digestive system a well needed rest.

For example, look at our most popular liver cleanse juice.

Juice cleanses cons

As you can guess from the pros, one of the disadvantage of juice cleansing, is that there’s no fiber. So, you can either do the plan for a few days, or, have a meal rich in fiber such as the detox salad in the evening.

Additionally, some people simply prefer to eat solid meals. So, if this is you, you may not like juicing and find you are hungry, even irritated after you drink the juice, craving for a solid meal. These discomforts usually pass after a day or so, however. Assuming that your juice cleanse include enough calories and nutrients. In fact, many people actually enjoy this feeling of emptiness for a while.

If you consider doing a juice cleanse, see: 3 day juice cleanse

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