Kidney Cleansing Herbs : Benefits, Best Uses & Risks

Many kidney health supplements contain kidney cleansing herbs claimed to cleanse, detox and flush the kidneys. Some of the herbs for kidneys can be very effective to detox the kidneys and the urinary tract. Many herbs, however, have very little evidence on their safety or effectiveness. In some cases, they can even cause side effects and kidney detox symptoms.

In this review, we share the best most commonly used herbs for kidneys, that are shown to be both safe and effective. We cover their main benefits and recommended use. We hope this guide will help your journey to a safe, effective and happy cleanse.

For our complete kidney cleanse protocol, see: Protocol.

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Chanca Piedra

Main benefits: dissolves kidney stones.

Chanca Piedra Kidney Cleansing Herbs

We start the list of the kidney cleansing herbs with the most famous herb for kidney health: Chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri).

Also known as stonebreaker, Chanca piedra has a long history of traditional use for kidney, liver and gallbladder health. A growing number of evidence suggests that Chanca piedra has the ability to dissolve kidney stones. (Hence the name).

According to the research data [1,2]:

 Chanca piedra was shown to interfere with many stages of kidney stone formation, reduce the stone crystals aggregation and modify the kidney stone structure and composition. 

Recommendation: Chanca piedra has long traditional use for kidney and liver health. This use is also supported by published studies. If you consider to add kidney cleansing herbs as a part of your kidney cleanse, Chanca piedra would be our first pick.


Main benefits: diuretic, increases urine flow.

Horsetail Kidney Cleansing Herbs

Second on the list and another kidney cleanse herb we like to include in the kidney cleanse, is Horsetail (Equisetum arvense).
The long traditional use and research data all suggest that Horsetail has a very powerful yet safe diuretic effect. So it can safely increase the urine flow which helps to flush, cleanse and detox the kidneys, with no negative effect on the kidneys, liver, or the urinary excretion of electrolytes and catabolites [3].

Recommendation: Horsetail offers a safe and effective way to increase urine flow during the kidney cleanse, which can enhance the effects other kidney cleansing herbs. For this reason, it is often combined with Chanca piedra.

Hydrangea Root

Main benefits: overall kidney & urinary tract health.

Hydrangea Kidney Cleansing Herbs

Another potent kidney cleansing herb that also has solid evidence on its safety and effectiveness is hydrangea root.

The old cherokee native americans and later the settlers, used a decoction of hydrangea for kidney stones with great success. In his book, advanced course in herbology, Dr. Edward Shook stated that:

Hydrangea herb is a powerful solvent of stone and calculous deposits, not only in the renal organs, but in every part of the organism, wherever they may be located. Therefore it is destined to become a universal remedy for phosphaturia, cystitis, alkaline urine, stony deposits, deposits of oxalate of calcium and others.

These benefits of Hydrangea for kidney health are further supported by the medical community. Hydrangea showed anti-inflammation and antioxidation effects and was able to improve and protect the kidneys function [4].

Recommendation: Hydrangea herb offers an effective and safe way that can enhance the entire kidney and urinary tract. If you consider taking herbs for kidney health, we highly recommend to look for Hydrangea as well.

Uva Ursi

Main benefits: prevents urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Uva Ursi Hydrangea Kidney Cleansing Herbs

Another kidney cleansing herbs superstar we recommend to include in the kidney cleanse is Uva ursi. Also known as arctostaphylos, bearberry, and bear’s grape, this herb has a long history of medicinal use for cleansing the kidneys and the urinary tract.

What about the science? The leaf extract of uva ursi has been approved for use for urinary tract inflammation by the German Federal Institute for Drugs. The research data suggests that uva ursi has natural diuretic, urinary antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. [5].

Recommendation: Uva ursi may help as a natural way to prevent urinary tract infections (UTI). For this reason, we like to include Uva ursi in the kidney cleanse together with other kidney cleansing herbs, as an extra support for the urinary system function.

Marshmallow Root

Main benefits: increases urine secretion & soothes urinary tract.

Marshmallow Root Kidney Cleansing Herbs

Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis) is well known for its natural diuretic properties [6] , along with an ability to relieve internal irritation and inflammation in the urinary tract.

These two benefits, make marshmallow root an excellent fit for the kidney cleanse; it can help to flush the kidneys on one hand, while also relieves and soothes inflammation in the urinary tract.

Recommendation:  Marshmallow root offers a safe and effective way to promote kidney and urinary tract health. Based on our experience, using Marshmallow root can enhance the effects other kidney cleansing herbs.


Main benefits: diuretic.

Dandelion kidney cleanse herb

One famous kidney cleanse herb you can actually get fresh at the stores is Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale).

Due to its potent natural diuretic properties and high availability, you can find dandelion in many kidney cleanse products. Both in supplements and tea forms.

The historical evidence of using dandelion as a natural diuretic takes us over 2000 years back, seen in both traditional chinese and ayurvedic medicine. Human studies also support the benefits of dandelion for kidney health. As research data suggests, consuming a fresh leaf extract of dandelion increases the frequency of urination [7].

We like to use dandelions in kidney cleanse recipes, especially teas. A good example is our Dandelion Turmeric Lemon Kidney Cleanse Tea (see recipe).

Recommendation: Dandelion may offer a natural and safe way to enhance the elimination of excess fluids by the kidneys. If you can get it fresh, you may want to try to make a kidney cleanse tea at home.

The Natural Kidney Cleanse Protocol

Kidney Cleanse
Kidney Cleanse

The idea of the kidney cleanse is simple: you start your day with a liquid diet: kidney cleanse drink for breakfast, and juice for lunch. You have a kidney cleanse smoothie for the afternoon and eat a kidney cleansing meal for dinner. Learn more.

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